Beautiful Stories…Wonderfully Told

Beautiful ideas come from the heart —

but it takes team work, effort and love to tell a Story.


My work has taken me from page to stage, rehearsal room to screen and back again. I am a writer, director and actor for screen, stage and musicals and have had the privilege of working in the UK and all over Ontario. It has been my pleasure to work with fantastic, interesting and talented collaborators to create beautiful stories that audiences return to again and again.

 My goal is always to give the audience the best production possible, while making a viable and profitable return for my producers.

It is important to be creative both artistically and financially, an audience should have the ability and the desire to see the show again and again, and they cannot do that if finances fail or artistry is absent.

To this end I am always pursuing new techniques, ideas and skills while actively practicing my craft. I hold a BA in Theatre from York University, and am also a graduate of York’s Screenwriting program and ScreenwritingU’s ProSeries. I am a member of SOCAN, with credits in song writing and lyrics. I also have training in music, dance, mime, clown, physical theatre and improv.

Please drop me a line. I am available for directing work, script consults and workshops. You can contact me via my Twitter Account here: https://twitter.com/koolfind

Or using this form here:

My latest work, “Hope Springs, Hope Clings: Poems for Hope and Love in this World,” can be found at Amazon, along side the book for “Heart of Gold, The Musical”

All the best to you on your artistic endeavours!

I hope to meet you soon,




Dancers (Choreographed by the fantastic Natalie Picard-Cavalari) become the Great Fire of 1911 in "Heart of Gold, the Musical."  Although I had a number of choices at my disposal (full disclosure *cheap* choices!) I really wanted to incorporate modern dance (and modern orchestral music) into the show.  I knew the audience was not used to modern dance or music and on its own would not appreciate it. However, new is an advantage if you can manage to introduce it carefully, and modern dance portrays nature really well, while modern music expresses fear, chaos and loss easily. Perfect foils for what we needed to portray. With the help of Luc Martin (composing the music) and Natalie this sequence became the best part of the show... and certainly the part people returned to see. Who knows, this might have opened another door for the audience to walk through!

Dancers (Choreographed by the fantastic Natalie Picard-Cavalieri) become the Great Fire of 1911 in “Heart of Gold, the Musical”                                                                                        Book, Lyrics, Music and Direction by Laureen Kuhl        Melodies, Music and Orchestration by Luc Martin             Choreography by Natalie Picard-Cavalieri Performed             with the Timmins Symphony Orchestra and Chorus                   in partnership with                                                                         Take Two Theatre and                                                                         The Timmins Museum, National Exhibition Centre in celebration of Timmins 100th Anniversary


"By the Seat of Your Pants" from "Heart of Gold, The Musical"

“By the Seat of Your Pants” from “Heart of Gold, The Musical” Gordon King, Randy Pickering, Thomas Vezina, Riley Dickson

Drugstore Scene from "Heart of Gold, the Musical" Performed with the Timmins Symphony Orchestra for the city's 100th anniversary.

Drugstore Scene from “Heart of Gold, the Musical”       Members of the Timmins Symphony Chorus


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